Supplements for the immune system: the nutraceutical to support the body

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The immune system is a complex set of highly specialized organs and cells able to protect the body from attacks of a traumatic or infectious nature. It works through perfect mechanisms, also regulated by the external environment. Still, the simple weakening of one of its components is enough to cause imbalances and interrupt them and the natural balance, thus leading to a greater susceptibility to infections.

That is why it is essential to support it constantly, strengthening the immune system and thus ensuring the maintenance of the organism’s overall health.


Immune defenses: how it works and why it is essential to support them

The components of the immune system that contribute to the protection of the organism are different: there are essential organs such as the spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes, thymus, and palatine tonsils; In addition to tissues and cells located throughout the body, numerous particular proteins and many molecules that act as mediators of necessary biological signals and information.

Types of antibodies

The system operates when the body meets an antigen – a substance considered foreign – and pushes its plasma cells to produce specific immunoglobulins, called antibodies, particular proteins capable of binding to the potentially harmful agent and neutralizing it. Antibodies, therefore, play a vital role within the immune system; there are several classes. Among the best-known are immunoglobulins of type M (IgM), type G (IgG), and type E (IgE). 

The former is produced during the body’s response to a new infection: the concentration of IgM increases for a few weeks and then decreases when the production of IgG begins, the number of which increases progressively after a few weeks of contact and then slows down and stabilizes. The healthy organism, however, preserves the “historical” memory of the different IgG, which can then be reformed subsequently by plasma cells at each exposure to the same antigen. Finally, IgE is generally produced in the case of allergic disorders and also parasitic infections.

One of the conditions that cause the immune system to become more frequently activated is the common influence, especially the so-called seasonal influence. It is an infection and respiratory contagion caused by the proliferation of harmful viruses within the body.

Seasonal influenza affects 5-15% of the world’s population yearly and causes significant morbidity and mortality. Although most people with the flu take a few days to less than two weeks to recover, some develop significant complications, some of which can be life-threatening.

Viral infection of the respiratory tract can trigger an extreme inflammatory response in the body. It can lead to sepsis, accompanied by abundant infiltration of immune cells and damage to tissues and endothelium, with complications also for the microcirculation.

Although these problems can occur at any age, some people are more at risk of developing severe complications related to the flu if they get sick. These include people over 65, individuals with certain chronic medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), pregnant women, and children under the age of 5. And it is precise to these segments of the population most at risk that Biofarma Group has looked in the formulation of its range of supplements for the immune defenses: the “Immune System” line.

Supplements for the immune system: Biofarma Group’s proposals

The global influenza treatment market volume amounted to $861.50 million at the end of 2018 and is expected to reach $1,225.20 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 4.5%.

However, most immunostimulants used in clinical settings are cytotoxic drugs, which can lead to serious side effects. Therefore, there is a growing interest in using herbal drugs as multicomponent agents to modulate the complex immune system in preventing infections rather than treating immune-related diseases.

Biofarma Group has developed a whole range of nutraceutical products able to meet the different needs of consumers, both in terms of desired effects and consumption methods. Each of these products aims to help the immune system protect itself and react in the best and fastest way, suppressing immune responses or reducing viral replication before and during a viral infection. To realize these formulations, natural raw materials are scientifically recognized for their activity in this field.

Ingredients of functional bars

Within this range, we find the Functional bars,” bars with the specific objective of supporting the immune system in conditions of vulnerability. During seasonal changes or particularly stressful periods, these bars become an easy and tasty form of micronutrient delivery, different from tablets and able to entice a broader consumer base to take care of themselves.

The active ingredients that guarantee the product’s effectiveness are Bacillus coagulants BC30™, vitamin C, and zinc. 

BC30™ is a spore-forming bacterium that can help support the immune system and modulate the body’s responses, creating an optimal environment for the intestinal microflora. Vitamin C, on the other hand, has been studied for the prevention and treatment of infections for more than 70 years, and there is evidence that its supplementation helps to decrease the incidence of diseases in the case of common colds and the chance of acute respiratory infections, reduce the severity of symptoms. Finally, zinc is an essential micronutrient that plays a vital role in the functioning of the immune system; in fact, it has been shown that its integration is associated with more excellent resistance to infections, symptomatic relief, and reduced duration of the disease.

Ingredients of tri-layer

Among the formulations developed by Biofarma Group, we also find a supplement for immune defenses that combines nucleotides – intracellular compounds with low molecular weight, which have shown positive effects on the functioning of the immune response, as well as on liver and intestinal function – zinc and the probiotic B. Lactis; the latter has been the subject of numerous clinical trials, which highlighted its ability to interact with the immune system, influencing its responses. Furthermore, the active action of these components is assisted by vitamin C, thus forming a product able to protect against infections, enhance the immune response against allergens and provide further support to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

The pharmaceutical form is fundamental, namely that of the triple-layer tablet, which allows the probiotic strain to be administered together with other active molecules otherwise incompatible. This will enable you to obtain, with a single pill, the benefits of both the probiotic and the other molecules administered.

Ingredients of bubbles

Within this range, the supplement for the immune system in the form of chewing gum stands out for its innovativeness: a solution to counteract sore throats and seasonal illnesses, always at hand in a practical travel format.

The product owes its effectiveness to its main active components: propolis, ginger, and vitamin D.

Endowed with powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, propolis extract can effectively fight harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause flu states. In addition, thanks to the high flavonoid content, propolis extract can counteract free radicals and support cellular health.

Gingerols, on the other hand, are the main phenolic compounds present in ginger and possess a wide range of bioactivities, including antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory.

The action of these two essential components is combined with the effectiveness of vitamin D, which, thanks to its properties, can contribute to the immune system’s normal functioning. 

The “Immuno Gums,” therefore, represent an innovative product aimed at children and adults, a solution to be taken daily in a pleasant way and at any time thanks to the practical packaging of 30 or 60 gums.

Ingredients of m-cap immuno

Finally, we come to the last two products of the “Immuno System” line: “M-cap Immuno” and “T-win Immuno.”

The first is a supplement to strengthen the immune system, consisting of a solid phase based on probiotics and vitamins combined with a liquid phase with a specific formulation based on zinc and nucleotides. If, on the one hand, we find vitamin D and zinc, which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, and nucleotides, whose benefits have already been described above, on the other hand, the product contains probiotics that promote the functioning of the body’s defenses: the selected strain, in fact, has undergone a clinical trial that demonstrated its ability to stimulate and modulate the respiratory, immune system.

Coming then to the innovative M-Cap packaging technology, thanks to the particularity of storing the powder in an aluminium blister integrated into the cap itself, it allows for better preservation of the powder and more excellent stability of nutrients. 

Ingredients of Twin Immuno

The final product, “T-win Immuno,” exploits the beneficial properties of numerous other components:

  • zinc which, together with copper, also gives the nutraceutical the function of protecting cells from oxidative stress;
  • fermented papaya, the subject of numerous studies for its nutraceutical properties due to the high content of vitamins A, B, and C and proteolytic enzymes such as papain and chymopapain, which have antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties;
  • echinacea which, undergoing clinical trials, has shown significant benefits on the incidence and duration of respiratory tract infections;
  • vitamins C, B6, and B12 that help ensure the normal functioning of the immune system as well as counteract tiredness and fatigue;
  • probiotics that, even within this formulation, perform the important task of supporting the immune system by balancing intestinal flora.

To ensure the effectiveness of probiotics, they must arrive alive in the intestinal tract to colonize and multiply inside it. From this need comes the choice to use the T-win technology: this not only guarantees the maintenance of the vitality of microorganisms but also allows them to be used in combination with other substances, which could have adverse effects on the stability of the probiotics themselves.

With these five products, the result of the work of its Research & Development laboratories, Biofarma Group intends to provide its customers with a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of large groups of consumers in a fundamental and delicate area, such as the protection of the immune system. 


Edited by:

  • Antonella Venuti: R&D Manager
  • Arianna Vanelli: R&D Manager
  • Stefania Murzilli: Scientific Specialist
  • Valentina Milite: R&D Food Supplement


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