A host of packaging solution to suit all product forms

Biofarma Group specialises in the manufacture of products in a vast array of forms requiring different types of packaging, and are particularly attentive to process and product sustainability, whilst guaranteeing absolute quality and safety.

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Packaging types


  • Tubs (plastic, aluminium, paper)
  • Stick pack (from 1 to 15 g)
  • T-Win stick (from 1+1 g to 6+6 g)
  • Sachet (from 1-2 g to 60 g)

Capsules and tablets

  • Blister (alu-alu, alu-PVC)
  • Bottles (plastic, glass, aluminium)
  • Active vials with desiccants


  • 10 ml to 1 l glass and plastic bottles
  • Single-dose vials with reservoir caps
  • 5 ml to 35-40 ml stick packs
  • 50 ml to 60 ml sachets
  • Bottles with spray pump
  • Ampoules
  • 25 ml ampoules
  • Applicator pens
  • Vials with droppers

Solids + Liquids

  • Single-dose vials with Dry-Cap patented technology
  • Single-dose vials with M-Cap patented technology
  • Vials with two-/three-phase kits
  • ampoules with two-/three-phase caps 

Pressurised solutions

  • Pressurised aerosols with flammable propellents  (GPL and DME) 
  • Pressurised aerosols with non-flammable propellents (compressed air, nitrogen) 
  • BOV – Bag-on-Valve spray
Confezionamento_Biofarma Group

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