We have produced probiotics meeting the highest standards and with AIFA certification since 2016. 

The science surrounding probiotics is undergoing continuous expansion.   

The commitment of researchers worldwide has made a considerable contribution to understanding the role of probiotics and their extraordinary symbiotic relationship with the human body.

On-going research on the gut flora will help us to understand the impact that probiotics have on human health and on our immune system.

This is why we manufacture products containing probiotics that are released as supplements and medicinal products.

At our Mereto site, these products are manufactured in a dedicated, AIFA-certified, 3,500-square metre ISO 8 facility with controlled temperature and humidity conditions and a nitrogen atmosphere.

One of Biofarma Group’s key divisions, this facility reflects our propensity to invest in technology and expertise in researching and developing competitive new formulations able to provide the market with first-rate products.

Farmaci con probiotici_Biofarma Group

Galenic formulations: Oildrop, Capsules, Tablets and Powders

Oildrop is the novel infant-grade supplement manufactured according to the latest Pharma GMP standards. The special formulation and technologies used allow the product’s solid component to be dispensed appropriately with the liquid component.

Capsules, Tablets and Powders are the other galenic formulations used in the manufacture of our probiotic-based drugs.

Probiotic-based drugs: therapeutic areas

Immune System
Cough and cold
Beauty from inside
Metabolic system
Mental Wellness
Active Ageing
Genitourinary System
Gastrointestinal Function
Oral Care
Clinical Studies

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