Development of high-quality probiotics with AIFA certification since 2016

Biofarma group develops products containing probiotics, released as nutritional supplements and medicines.

Probiotics are different strains of “good” bacteria that protect the body, especially by strengthening the intestinal ecosystem and positively influencing the immune system. For years, the efforts of researchers around the world have helped to clarify the role of probiotics and their extraordinary symbiotic relationship with humans.

The impact on health generated by the probiotic action is still a topic that scientists are willing to explore in the years to come.

Farmaci con probiotici_Biofarma Group

Our factory for the development of medicines with probiotics

The production of medicines with probiotics takes place within the Mereto di Tomba factory, which includes an area authorized and certified by AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency). Here, our researchers produce probiotics-based medicines and nutritional supplements for the world market.

The factory is an area of ​​3.500 square meters, 2.500 outdoor and 1.000 indoor, which houses 15 production rooms spread over three floors in strict environmental conditions (ISO8 class), with rigorously controlled temperatures and humidity. All this is to guarantee the production of high-quality probiotics and avoid any microbial contamination.

This is a leading unit for the Biofarma group, the result of investments in advanced production processes and solid collaborations that allow us to keep studying and developing new formulas and solutions for probiotic integration.

Probiotics and galenic forms: Oildrop, Capsules, Tablets and Powders

The production of medicines with probiotics is enriched with galenic forms, including capsules, tablets, powders and the innovative nutritional supplement Oildrop.

Oildrop is the infant grade nutritional supplement produced according to the new GMP Pharma standards which, thanks to its particular formulation and the technologies used for its creation, is characterized by a perfect division between solid and liquid components.

Probiotic-based drugs: therapeutic areas

Immune System
Cough and cold
Beauty from inside
Metabolic system
Mental Wellness
Active Ageing
Genitourinary System
Gastrointestinal Function
Oral Care
Clinical Studies

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