Dermocosmetics: because we believe prevention is the best form of treatment

Cosmetic products have to help improve a person’s well-being. 

This is why we have accrued highly specialised experience in the development and manufacturing of dermocosmetic and skin care products to prevent certain skin conditions.

Biofarma Group’s cosmetics production statistics

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In&Out: because beauty starts with lifestyle

The concept of beauty is indissolubly related to the concept of health and embodies a lifestyle.

Our experience and professional expertise regarding the way in which metabolic processes influence our body, both inside and out-, allows us to work synergistically with the supplement and skin care world, with products intended to satisfy specific skin and body needs, for people of different ages and that are suitable for all lifestyles.

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Our commitment to manufacturing increasingly sustainable products

Well aware of the significant impact our products can have on the environment, we have launched a research programme that allows us to devise more sustainable formulations and packaging solutions:

  • BOV (Bag on Valve) 
  • solid shampoos
  • waterless formulations
  • environmentally-friendly packaging solutions

We take great care in selecting our starting materials and vendors, by analysing their production methods and ethicality. 

We develop formulations eligible for environmental certification in line with a “less is more” outlook: a few, simple ingredients that are consciously studied to yield transparent, reliable products that are respectful of our environment and wildlife. 


Skin care:
  • Face (Cream, Gel, Oil, Serum, Mask, Scrub, Spray, Toner, Cleanser)
  • Eyes (Cream, Gel, Wipes)
  • Lips (Cream, Scrub, Wipes)
  • Face & Beard (Cream, Cleanser)
Bodycare/All-in-One products:
  • Body (Cream, Mud pack, Bandage, Scrub, Gel, Cleanser, Spray)
  • Face & Body (Cream, Gel, Spray, Oil)
  • Face, Body and Hair (Oil)
  • Hands (Cream, Spray, Oil)
  • Breast (Cream)
  • Armpits (Cream, Spray)
  • Hair (Pre-shampoo conditioner, Shampoo, 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Conditioner, Treatment, Mask, Spray)

feminine hygiene

  • Feminine hygiene (Cleanser, Spray)


  • Dry and sensitive skin (Facial super-moisturiser, Serum, Cleanser, Hand cream)
  • Eczema and dermatitis (Cream, Hand cream)
  • Dry and chapped skin (Body super-moisturiser, Body lotion)
  • Psoriatic skin (Body Cream)
  • Sensitive and itchy skin (Body Cream)


  • Pediatrics (Cleanser, Treatment, Moisturiser, Post-partum care)


  • Pre-workout products (Cream, Oil, Gel)
  • Muscle recovery (Cream, Oil, Gel, Spray)
  • Skin recovery (Cream)

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