Oral hygiene: the future is solid oral care

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The environmental sustainability topic, coupled with the concept of beauty without artifacts, has led to a rise in demand for green, simple, and safe products. Biofarma Group, an Italian and European industrial company of maximum reference on the market for developing, manufacturing, and packaging on behalf of third-party food supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs, and cosmetics, is well aware of this. As a result, the company has recently grasped the new trend of oral care by developing a complete line of solid formulations to maintain dental hygiene on behalf of third parties.  

Solid shampoo formulations

Solid formulations: cosmetics to oral care

Having been active in the solid cosmetics sector for more than three years, Biofarma has developed and produced high-performance cosmetics for the face, hair, and body, combined with sustainable packaging and solid formulation of multiple fragrances:

  • being formulated without or with a low quantity of water, cosmetics in solid format are preservative-freesince a low amount of water decreases the probability of bacterial proliferation and deterioration of the product;
  • solid formulations, richer than active and concentrated ones, are more durable, high performing, and longer-lasting than traditional products.

The great diffusion of solid beauty products has led Biofarma to promote the development of solid solutions applied to the oral care world.

Effetti di una sbagliata cura dell'igiene orale

Health and beauty pass from good oral hygiene

Oral health has a fundamental role in everyday life: a well-groomed mouth gives tranquility and serenity, positively impacting the psychological, physiological, and relational sphere, facilitating socialization and interpersonal relationships.

In recent years, in addition to the aesthetic theme, the aspect of oral health has also become increasingly relevant. In different countries, awareness-raising campaigns are active, emphasizing the importance of dental hygiene and providing advice to keep away unsightly and annoying disorders such as plaques, caries, generalized pain in the mouth and face, and periodontal diseases.

The bibliography that has recently investigated the correlation between oral health, inflammation, and systemic diseases is vast. Nevertheless, the results suggest that periodontal diseases can predispose individuals to different systemic disorders. These could be cardiovascular diseases, oral and colorectal cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory tract infections and pneumonia, negative pregnancy existences, diabetes, insulin resistance, and Alzheimer’s disease (here, the dedicated study: Association between periodontal pathogens and systemic disease).

Image from: Association between periodontal pathogens and systemic disease

Oral hygiene by Biofarma: toothpaste and mouthwash in tablets

The oral hygiene sector is now experiencing two significant trends: the offers increasing and diversification to create new appeal among consumers; on the other, the consumer (increasingly aware) demands a product suitable for his needs and more in line with current trends.

Starting from this reference context, the Research & Development laboratories of the Biofarma Group have developed a complete line of toothpaste and mouthwashes in tablets.

The toothpaste and mouthwash in chewable tablets, being waterless, represent an innovative solution and a valid sustainable alternative to conventional products because they limit the waste of materials and plastic to a minimum and the consumption of water during the production phases.

Both formulations consist of a mixture of ingredients selected for their specific solubility to ensure easy dissolution of the tablet in the mouth.

Compresse solide di dentifricio all'interno di un barattolo

Toothpaste in tablets

Toothpaste tablets are formulated with selected cleaning agents for spotless teeth and gums, while silica microbeads help restore typical tooth shine without damaging the enamel. Carbonates and xylitol help neutralize plaque acids, and the mix of aromas helps maintain fresh breath for a long time. The element that most distinguishes toothpaste formulation represents the possibility of containing an effervescent mixture that, in addition to facilitating the tablet disintegration, acts as a booster for the formation of foam.

Using the toothpaste tablet is very simple: chew it and let the saliva turn it into a light foam. It is sufficient to brush the teeth with the toothbrush for about three minutes and finally rinse.

Compresse solide di collutorio all'interno di un barattolo

Mouthwash in tablets

The mouthwash, to be used after brushing the teeth, does not necessarily contain detergents but is formulated with a mixture of ingredients that helps reduce the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the dental surfaces and refresh the breath by assisting the protection of the oral cavity without replacing toothpaste and toothbrush.

A mouthwash tablet is also easy to use; you only need to mix the tablet and drink water. This procedure will create liquid to be rinsed in the mouth for about sixty seconds to pass through interdental spaces.

"the perfect combination of a galenic form (the tablet) typical of supplements with cosmetic properties and benefits"

Why choose oral hygiene in a solid formulation

Toothpaste and mouthwash in tablets represent the perfect combination of a galenic form (the tablet) typical of supplements with cosmetic properties and benefits.

The technology used in the production phase allows obtaining versatile formulas that lend themselves to a wide range of customization in formats, colors, aromas, and functional, active ingredients and packaging. For example, concerning packaging solutions, solid toothpaste and mouthwash lend themselves to all typical types of tablets. In addition, the lightweight, non-bulky, and pre-dosed format make them easy to transport, allowing you to carry only the necessary quantity.

A line of products has been created to meet customers’ needs with different placements, including toothpaste and mouthwash with active whitening, anti-plaque, demineralizing fluoride, and angiographies, natural antibacterial, enzymes for gingival well-being, and probiotics.

Oral care with probiotics for a caries-free mouth

It is well known that the oral mucosa must maintain the balance of its microbiota to preserve its protective capacity.

Caries consist of a destructive process of the tooth’s hard tissues by harmful microorganisms present in the oral cavity. Probiotics can counteract the presence of these bacteria by reducing the incidence and risk of tooth decay and stimulating the beneficial microflora at the expense of any pathogenic microorganisms. Being formulated without water, Biofarma Group toothpaste tablets designed for perfect oral hygiene allow you to keep the probiotics alive until the moment of use to express their beneficial effects through the colonization of the oral mucosa.

Importanza dell'oral care per un sorriso smagliante

Oral-Beauty: oral hygiene in solid solutions with a whitening effect

Smiling is one of the most beautiful, spontaneous, and expressive gestures we can perform. To feel free to smile whenever we want, however, it is essential to be able to count on a healthy smile.

The growing success of products and technologies that make the smile whiter testify that today, even in oral care, health and beauty represent two sides of the same coin. Of the rest, many factors favor the yellowing of the teeth and the loss of brilliance: cigarette smoke, coffee, low fruit consumption, and the natural aging process.

Biofarma’s special whitening solid toothpaste formulation contains a complex that releases hydrogen peroxide to remove substances responsible for yellowing teeth and uses micro silica granules to restore typical shine without damaging the enamel. In addition, sodium fluoride prevents the formation of caries, bicarbonate, and xylitol help to neutralize plaque acids. Finally, the combination of aromas helps maintain a fresh breath for a long time.

"No waste is generated,
the do not contain liquids,
they are composed of natural and essential ingredients,
they are easily portable"

The advantages of solid solutions for oral care

Biofarma’s solid oral care solutions are undoubtedly the best option for those who want to combine sustainability and health:

  • No waste is generated. The tablets are single-dose and thus make available each time the right amount to use.
  • They do not contain liquids and therefore have little weight and volume. As a result, dry-pressed oral hygiene solutions generate virtuous repercussions on efficiency in terms of logistics from the producer to the final consumer.
  • They are composed of natural and essential ingredients. Biofarma formulations are functional to guarantee the same cleaning and hygiene performance as classic toothpaste and mouthwash solutions.
  • They are easily portable: the tablets are suitable for comfortably carrying with you and used on the go, at school, or in the office.

In summary, Biofarma Group’s approach to solid solutions for Oral Care has given rise to certifiable green formulations in line with the contemporary philosophy of “less is more”: a few ingredients, only those necessary, expertly designed to create new combinations, to give life to transparent, reliable productsin full respect of the environment and animals. The choice of raw materials is also wise since the production methodology of the same is evaluated, rewarding those that meet sustainability requirements. By 2025, two-thirds of the global population will face a severe lack of water. If the forecasts are correct, it will be essential to orient the industry and beauty towards solutions that can reduce the consumption of this precious good.

The merit of the Research & Development laboratories of the Biofarma Group

That of the Research & Development laboratories is a team with a high content of ideas and innovation placed at the customer’s service to make the future a better place. The Biofarma group’s strategy for innovation focuses on the value of people and their professionalism as a differentiating element. For this reason, in the Group’s Research and Development laboratories, more than fifty specialists with specific skills for each reference area operate food supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics.

Many ideas come from this know-how. Products and production processes allow us to realize, anticipating the needs of customers, a strategic factor for a CDMO that wants to compete internationally, making itself, at the same time, a promoter of innovative solutions with a global and forward-looking vision on the topics of most significant interest. Aware that being social is an essential daily principle for all in a fast-changing world, which imposes on each virtuous behavior, outside and within the company boundaries.

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