Innovating with passion

Innovation is part of our DNA. It defines us, it makes us unique, it is our hallmark.

Staying power, consistency, competition and our creative spirit have allowed us to write a success story and have made us not only a great group, but also a reliable partner in the international CDMO market.

Our mission

In a changing world, we develop innovative solutions and technologies to improve people’s health and well-being.

Our vision

Pioneers in a future where innovation is at the service of personalised and sustainable prevention.

A journey made up of values

Respect. Trust. Accountability. Team spirit. Innovation Courage. There are our guide stars: they allow us to navigate in the world of business with clarity, competence and efficacy; they are what we place value in for achieving our goals.

They imply that each individual adopts a social and moral perspective and assumes responsibility for his choices and actions; they call for consistency and awareness, in order to allow us to achieve the highest possible level of realisation for both our company and ourselves.