Socially accountable

Social accountability is an essential daily principle for all of us that inspires us to adopt good practices both on company premises and elsewhere.

Our work is inspired by the principles of ethics, safety and environmental sustainability, by optimising energy consumption, adopting alternative sources of energy, minimising waste and recycling materials whenever possible.

By placing special importance on the design of our work environments and adopting welfare policies that benefit all our staff, we guarantee a high of company life.

Our work supporting worthy goodwill projects both in Italy and worldwide, requires constant planning to achieve the best possible results, to be shared with all our staff and society as a whole.    

Sustainability Report

The production system around the world is facing a new imperative: to contribute to progress that is in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined in the 2030 Agenda, a document signed by the governments of the 193 member countries of the United Nations and approved by the UN General Assembly.

Demonstrating and communicating our commitment to the environment through the Sustainability Report has therefore become a fundamental step for every company: our group has also decided to voluntarily undertake this path and today sees the light of the first Biofarma Group Sustainability Report. This is a milestone that makes us particularly proud, because today, more than ever, there is no ‘doing business’ without attention to the three drivers of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

A member of Sedex to make us even more accountable and sustainable

Innovation, research, environmental sustainability and a person-oriented approach are the cornerstones of our plan for growth and our commitment to adopting ethical solutions. It was with this spirit that in 2020 the Mereto site joined Sedex, the international organisation that helps companies to promote the accountable and sustainable business practices adopted and use responsible procurement sources.

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Safety and health certification in accordance with ISO 45001:2018

The importance of worker health and safety and occupational hygiene are essential requirements for planning sustainable, effective and lasting development for our Group. To demonstrate this on-going commitment, our Mereto site has obtained voluntary certification in accordance with ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational health and safety management systems).

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Our Code of Ethics

Fairness, credibility, dialogue, attention, transparency, integrity, trust and respect. These are the principles that inspire and define our relationships and our actions. At Biofarma Group, we cooperate with a spirit of mutual respect, this is how we strengthen our human and professional ties.

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The environment: our worldwide home

We believe it is our duty to protect and promote the environment.

This shared conviction translates into increasingly sustainable development projects, from building construction to increasing investments in energy efficiency, to research on environmentally-friendly materials to be used in both the development of new formulations and in our production processes.

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Our environmentally-sustainable Mereto site

With its 420 m³ of PEFC-certified spruce wood, Biofarma Group’s site and headquarters in Mereto is an example of sustainable building.

Even the energy-efficient manufacturing facilities are in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. The premises are equipped with an efficient process water purification system and mechanisms that restrict emissions into the atmosphere, limit consumption and save energy. 

Our goodwill projects

Inclusion, solidarity, dignity, sharing and participation are the values that inspire our goodwill projects that reflect our commitment to being socially accountable and actively involved in improving people’s lives.

Progetto Madagascar: there is no better treatment than a smile, no better medicine than love   

Biofarma Group has supported Progetto Madagascar since 2016, with the intention of producing medicines and providing the healthcare required to guarantee the treatment and survival of local children and families.

The project is the fruit of the courage of Michele Sari, a young pharmacist who, in 2015, set out for the island from Villesse near Gorizia, taking with him a suitcase full of a young graduate’s ideas, a passion for pharmacy and a heart overflowing with love.

Hopitaly Vezo in Andavadoaka is one of the area’s few facilities able to provide free healthcare, and it is therefore visited by a great many patients. Our contribution has made it possible to build a Galenic laboratory for the on-site production of medicinal products to treat common health problems resulting from poor sanitary conditions and a shortage of clean water.

Responsabilità_Biofarma Group
Responsabilità_Biofarma Group

We help to provide the starting materials needed in order to overcome the shortage of medicines resulting from the difficulties in transporting medicinal products from Italy. Thanks to constant support, the medical staff are now able to treat the many patients who come to the hospital every day and perform surgical procedures.

The project also involves training new doctors and nurses and promoting a first aid campaign to help reduce child malnutrition.

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Different abilities: a social inclusion scheme

In January 2019, Biofarma Group teamed up with Cooperativa Arte e Libro in Udine to launch a scheme to promote the employment of people with significant physical and mental disabilities.

The initiative has made it possible to find jobs for and train disabled individuals in a context that is suited to their needs, by involving them in a professional project able to restore their self-esteem, dignity, motivation and sense of participation.

It provides us with a reminder that diversity does not mean limitation but represents a resource, even for businesses, as well as an opportunity for the growth and development of the entire community.

Responsabilità_Biofarma Group
Responsabilità_Biofarma Group
Responsabilità_Biofarma Group