The CDMO that grows by innovating

Biofarma Group is the new Italian and European market leader in the development, manufacture and packaging of supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs and cosmetics, exclusively for third parties.

From the development of the concept to the finished product

At our 6 manufacturing sites located in Italy and France, we create customised solutions and provide our clients with a fully-comprehensive and integrated turnkey service.

Our flair for innovation allows us to grasp market opportunities and offer our clients ready-to-sell solutions that will set them aside from their competitors.

By our clients’ side, looking ahead

We are convinced that in order to grow, a business needs to be far-sighted and invest in manufacturing processes, cutting-edge machinery and, most importantly, human capital.

We believe in constant improvement as the distinguishing factor for both Biofarma Group and our clients, in order to be highly attractive and competitive on the domestic and international markets.

Biofarma Group: figures that continue to grow

million Euros in sales










manufacturing sites


R&D labs


m² dedicated to manufacturing and logistics


production and packaging lines

People, a unique heritage

Being a Group means having a corporate vision made up of common and shared values, attitudes to which each member can relate. At Biofarma Group, we nurture this common outlook by putting our staff first and encouraging their personal and professional development.

It is a process of continuous empowerment in a stimulating and fervid working environment that, through enthusiasm and engagement, reinforces the idea of unity, of belonging to a company that operates responsibly with the ethical purpose of delivering products that promote and guarantee people’s health.

There is a place in our team for both young talents and well-established professionals.

Spirit of innovation, curiosity and the ability to think outside the box are the common denominators of all our staff.

Working with us means being part of a company that demands constant professional and personal development as part of a journey characterised by ambitious goals and results that pave the way to stimulating new opportunities.

The Board

Gianfranco Nazzi
Gianfranco Nazzi – CEO
Chi siamo_Germano Scarpa_Biofarma Group
Germano Scarpa – Chairman