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R&D Innovation

Feeding a fertile and reliable circulation of technical-scientific knowledge at a global level is one of the fundamental objectives of Biofarma Group.

For this reason, through R&D Innovation, we share innovative projects, collaborations, and partnerships with research centres and universities. A space dedicated to the ideas and projects of our researchers that every day allows us to anticipate and realise the daily challenges of our customers.

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Osteoartrite: persona con dolore al ginocchio
27_02_2023 // R&D Innovation

Osteoarthritis: among the infiltrative therapies, Biofarma Group patents the Vijoint HCC device

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Header glicemia
03_02_2023 // R&D Innovation

Prediabetes: Biofarma Group’s proposal to maintain normal blood glucose levels black

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Benessere mentale
25_01_2023 // R&D Innovation

Mood supplements: taking care of mental well-being

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Header cardiac support
28_12_2022 // R&D Innovation

Cardiovascular disease: a clinically proven supplement for cardiac support

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14_12_2022 // R&D Innovation

Osteoporosis: two nutraceutical products from Biofarma Group to support “aging well”

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The properties of canapa
29_11_2022 // R&D Innovation

Cannabis and anxiety: hemp for the main active ingredient of a supplement

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Cognitive disorders
18_11_2022 // R&D Innovation

Cognitive disorders: nutraceuticals to support memory and attention

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The level of circulation in the blood
03_11_2022 // R&D Innovation

Hyperuricemia: a nutraceutical can help fight it

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Hypertension_Tensred Plus
06_10_2022 // R&D Innovation

Pre-hypertension: from Biofarma Group an innovative nutraceutical solution to counteract it

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Happy woman
28_07_2022 // R&D Innovation

UTIs: Nutraceutical Business Review interviews Dr. De Seta, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

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