Biofarma Group: a project for the support and integration of two families fleeing Ukraine

Categoria: Corporate

Social responsibility is an integral part of our company’s DNA. Biofarma Group has always been committed to achieving the critical goal of improving people’s lives through its work and, above all, through supporting a series of solidarity projects linked by shared values: inclusion, solidarity, dignity, sharing, and participation.


For this reason, Biofarma Group could not remain indifferent to the problematic conflict situation that Ukraine is experiencing and the needs of millions of people whose lives have been overwhelmed by this catastrophe. 


The war has caused numerous civilian casualties, the destruction of infrastructure, the displacement of 8 million people, and forced thousands of citizens to flee their homes to seek safety, protection, and assistance.

According to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), the conflict has caused the most severe migratory flow in Europe. As of February 24, more than 5 million Ukrainians have fled the war. In the first month of the conflict, i.e., as of March 21, 2022, 59,589 people had arrived from Ukraine to Italy, including 30,499 women, 5,213 men, and 23,877 children. In April, these numbers almost doubled: almost 100,000 Ukrainians reached Italy. 1


That’s why Biofarma Group has decided to support a reception project dedicated to two families fleeing from the war, which includes, overall, two women and mothers, Yana and Anna, three girls, Sofiia of 13 years, Tetiana of 21 and Daria of 22 and two children, Polina and Tiymofii of 5 years. 

Yana and Anna come from Severodonetsk, a town located in the Lugansk region. Before being forced to leave their lives to find a haven for themselves and their families, they worked respectively at a textile company and a supermarket chain.


The Biofarma Group project has, first of all, allowed the two families to find a home, and: they will stay not far from the company plant in Mereto di Tomba, in a building used as a dwelling specifically for the emergency. 

In addition to the support provided in terms of food and lodging, the Group intends to support a more comprehensive integration project, including creating solid work and school paths for the members of the host families. In the hope of giving them a chance to rebuild, at least in part, the life they were forced to abandon.



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